Brain stains

In my head lately, I can’t tell if I’m a fake it till I make it or a happily depressed person.

I just can’t seem to get rid of this dark cloud that shadows over my head everyday. I seem so happy at one point of the day but then if I really think about it, there is nothing to be happy about. Relationship wise…. do I really like this person because my emotions change on the Daily. Do I just not want to be alone or do I feel like in need to drag this person down with me as I spiral into an emotional pit bullshit.

Pathetic as fuck to think I feel like this about relationships because of a previous shitty one.
Crazy how one bad go around can ruin it for the Rest of them. Cheating, lying and whatever else was involved. Both parties but only I didn’t feel at fault. I’m curious to wonder if the SO can see that these feelings still reside within me….?
I can’t bring myself to get rid of these thoughts, memories, dreams and pictures of this shit bag to save my life.

My life is a gif

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