The Self Love Dilemma

Can you remember any time when you were so disappointed in yourself, thinking: “What’s wrong with me?”

And then you frown, going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole: “I’m making too many mistakes; I just don’t get it right. I often fight with others, I never stop complaining, and I hate myself for what happened that day, so long ago, when it was all my fault. I let myself down too often, so how can I trust myself to ever do the right thing? Come to think of it, I actually don’t even like myself. Loser…”

This is the typical train of thought of most people who treat self-love merely as a reward for one ultimate day — when they finally become the person they want to be. This behavior implies that their self-love is based on, or subject to, them being objectively “good” or “successful.”

However, as Aristotle stated: “Humans, deep down, love the self more than their favorite others (family and loved ones). But, as cultural animals, they can come to believe that they love their favorite others more than they love the self.”Which means, you already love yourself…

Which means, you already love yourself…which is fucking bullshit, but okay?

Just as Rumi stated, “Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” And this scripture example from the Christian Bible shows, Jesus is not “commanding” self love – but “assuming” it, evident in the text: ‘Love your neighbor as you (already do) love yourself,’ which means: Jesus assumes that every human being by nature loves himself.

You don’t have to fucking learn to love yourself- you just need to remember and believe in it.c87ac1e066bf573c1e475d30d8b7c626

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