Gentle Reminders.

I have come to know that it is better to feel than to feel nothing at all.

Conversations are meant to be honest, even when your stomach is in knots and you cannot speak.

You can be in love at 3am or 5pm. and sometimes it is with someone else and other times it is with the way the sky looks on a Saturday afternoon.

You will make hard decisions and easy decisions, but they are all important.

Appreciate those little moments on the beach with a beer and a good sunset.

Im so sorry for anyone who has ever hurt you, but please do not close your heart to love.

You need love, and love needs you.

You are the sun, and the moon, and every star and you deserve someone who will cross the universe for you.

Forgive, even if you are angry.

Forgive, even if they broke all their promises to you.

Say it: I forgive you..

You don’t even realize how beautiful you are, do you?

If I could tell you this everyday, for the rest of your life,

I would.

Even if I do not know your name and we never met, you are beautiful.



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