Dear future, 2020.

During this time frame, nothing is as it seems. It’s a time outside of time, where things are occurring. I feel this is the beginning of a cycle that can affect my relationship. A profound and mysterious change is taking place right now. There’s a sense of magic in the air, as if something is ready to emerge. Over the past few months, I have been limited in my movements, which has disrupted my relationships. Whether restrictions are finally easing up or i’m still isolated from others, but I am aware that this influence may cause further surprises.

I may need to reframe my feelings not only about relationships, but also about beauty, intimacy, or anything else I thought had a link to female qualities. I am going to need to be as open and flexible as possible. To let go of my previous ideas about what I thought was feminine -both in myself and others.

At times, It might seem impossible to move forward or make plans with the important people in my life. Or, things that may have been going smoothly up until now may shift. In either case, it’s not a time to take anything for granted. Even if this isn’t true for me personally, I have to keep in mind that it could be affecting other people.

The intention of this time is to cause me to question objective reality, especially around relating to others. It feels like I no longer know what to expect from people, but this is a good time to release everything I thought I knew about relationships- including my ideas, expectations, and past experiences.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt my life shifting recently, but all the same, trying to be open to a total reset. This is another opportunity to observe, be curious, and gather information. I’m someone who tends to seek solid agreements and commitments, I may end up disappointed or disillusioned now. Things aren’t as they appear- this is a time where something unexpected and unimagined can unfold.

During this time, I will be asking myself, “Can I slow things down enough in my relationships to let something new emerge?” and, “Where do I jump to conclusions or make assumptions because I expect everything to stay the same?”.

During this moment, magical changes can happen, but I have to try not to expect to be overly attached to them. Ideally, over time, I will discover s new aspect of myself – and others – in regards to my relationships.


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  1. Great new post! Have to ask? What is your current thoughts on femininity? How have those evolved? How might they change?

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